How To Go From Flab to Fab Before Summer

There’s still hope!

Beach umbrellas are popping open, the heat is turning up, and it’s time to break out the cornhole bags. But, wait. You’ve just spent the last year in quarantine, where you turned your gym clothes into pajamas and developed a pretty good relationship with the local UberEats driver. You’re not ready to be out there flaunting the goods to strangers. But you’ve already booked the flight to Vegas for that pool party. So what is one to do? Well, if you got a brand new Etsy bikini to debut or some siiick cargo trunks to wear, then I’ve got some quick tips to help you get there.

Before I begin, let me briefly lay out the basics and give a slight warning normally if you’re trying to tighten up and lose some weight. A healthy number of pounds you should be losing per week is about two. I know that may not seem exciting, but I wouldn’t suggest tripling or quadrupling this number. Because trying to lose a year’s worth of weight gain in 2 weeks is simply just not safe. So, please assess your situation more closely and maybe aim for next summer if you need to. But, there’s a lot you can get done in a month and if you dedicate yourself, ensure you still get all the nutrients your body needs, you can really find yourself trimming away that quarantine weight and tightening up your body.

How To Do It

Okay, now let’s get into it, starting with the diet. Brace yourselves, but starting now, cut out all processed food, sugar, and refined carbs. No ho ho’s or Jamba Juice smoothies for you. Drive past all the fast-food restaurants, and limit the amount of non-whole grain bread you eat. I know, bummer. But, are you trying to be fab or have too much flab this summer?


In some circumstances, like getting an injury, inflammation can be our friend. But, when we eat too much of what I just mentioned, we can find ourselves in a state of perpetual inflammation. This causes a whole host of problems for ourselves, and one of them is our resistance to leptin. We become the resistance and begin to literally not be able to control our appetite. As a result, our bodies won’t know when its fat stores are full, and it’ll keep trying to fill them by signaling to us that we are hungry — a la weight gain. So, we gotta root this problem out by canceling all the things I mentioned above. Instead, stick to vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, and red meat.

Caloric Deficit

After you bid farewell to all your tasty bad habits, then figure out how many calories you are burning and how many you are consuming each day. If needed, take your calories consumed and make sure you are eating just enough to be in about a 250+ caloric deficit. Don’t be crazy and go too low, and depending on your circumstance, you may not even need to. Use the BMI Index to get an idea of where your weight should be and decide if a caloric deficit is needed.

Intermittent Fasting

But the last thing you must do with your diet is to make sure you are eating inside of an 8-hour window. We call this intermittent fasting the 16:8 method. This method is fasting for 16 hours and only eating for 8 hours. I know it sounds like a fad diet, but it’s not. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting does help you burn fat in a particular way that is exclusive to intermittent fasting. Now, if needed, you can adjust these numbers, but do try and be as close as you can.

Put In The Work

How else can you go from flab to fab? Well, if you haven’t been already, start running. Hit the pavement, trails, or treadmill and start spending 30–60 minutes a day doing moderate to high-intensity cardio. Cardio that involves the entire movement of your body, like running, is the other key ingredient to a tight well-maintained body. And look, 95% of people don’t like cardio and don’t do it. Which is fine, but don’t complain about not having abs if you’re not doing any cardio. Also, as should be expected start putting a 10–15 minute core exercise circuit into your daily routine. Are you questioning your commitment levels? Don’t worry. I’m almost done.

Lastly, hit the weight room. Start clanging and banging, baby. Begin lifting weights five days a week, target all your different muscle groups doing about four sets or more for each group, and use moderate to heavyweight. I’ve got workout plans in the link below if you need them. But that’s what’s required. Cut out garbage food, restrict your portions, fast, and lose your mind in the gym.

I know it sounds like a lot… because it is. Our bodies need strain and movement to survive. And they require even more to be considered in great shape. No tremendously in shape person, old or young, has gotten there from poor work ethic. So, take this large plate I just handed you and begin picking at it. The first week will be rough, but if you’re able to push past it then you’ll find salvation on the other side.

Good Luck.



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