How To Go To The Gym When You Don’t Want To (Two Simple Ways)

For many of us, our everyday lives consist of earlier mornings than we’d like, longer work hours than we could ever conceive, and if you have kids?! Good lord… you’ve got a full plate. And on top of all of that, you gotta get your daily workout in.

The most dedicated and disciplined fitness enthusiasts will have trouble walking through those gym doors at some time or another. So, no one is faulting you for wanting to skip the gym. Look, most people don’t even workout. At least you’re on the right track. So, I just want to give you a few quick tips that can help you show up and stay on track more times than not.

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Tip #1
The choice of working out or not is an easy choice to make, but usually only when you feel energized and awake. However, when is that? For many people, it’s not often. But if it’s easier to go to the gym when you’re more energized and awake, how can you get more energized and awake?

One thing that has proven to wake people up (not cocaine) and get the gears moving is pre-workout supplements. A quick disclaimer, some pre-workouts have an insane amount of caffeine in them, along with an ingredient called Beta-Alanine both can cause people to have a well… intense reaction. There are also some shady companies that you gotta watch out for.

But if you avoid all of that, you’ll find that a good pre-workout has a bit of caffeine, some amino acids, and a few other things that are proven to help your body. And when you find a good pre-workout, you’ll soon realize that it can help erase any idea of not working out. Because when you are at your house thinking about whether you should leave to the gym or not, just whip out that pre-workout, and 15 minutes later, you won’t really have a choice but to burn off all of this newfound energy.

If not having enough energy to get into the gym is your problem, pre-workouts can help solve it (Discipline and grit will help too). Now, don’t take too much and lean on pre-workouts, but use them to help get you going and create momentum. That’s the first tip to get you in the gym.

Tip #2
Ok, so to some taking a pre-workout supplement might be cheating. It may be considered a hack, but not cheating. But… y’know, if you do think it is cheating, or you don’t want to use a pre-workout, or maybe you just want another way to help get you into the gym, then let me give you a natural way to get there.

First, take yourself to the last time you had a hard time making it to the gym. Maybe you didn’t even go. But take yourself there. Think of your thought process and the thoughts that came up when you were struggling to decide. Usually, these will be a bit chaotic and are not things that you would want to be broadcasted to everyone. The term “being too far in your head” applies here, and it’s okay. It happens to everyone every day.

So, when you’re back in this memory, maybe you were sitting there thinking about your leg muscles and how sore they felt, and then you started obsessing over it. It’s okay, but you need to recognize that this is the front line of your battle.

And when you are at this battlefront or crossroads, take a moment and stop moving. Then, slowly breathe in thru your nose for about 7 seconds, then let the air escape thru your mouth. Repeat. Begin to look around at where you are, feel your body, and move your fingers. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Think of why you decided to start working out. Don’t get caught up in any spiritual non-sense, but follow these instructions so you can connect with the moment. And typically, the moment or any moment is not nearly as bad as what we create in our heads. And this clarifying moment can help you make a more rational assessment of whether you should go to the gym or not.

Look, sometimes you shouldn’t go. But most of the time, you should, and this practice can help you decipher which is the best option. Over time, thru practice, this can benefit you inside and outside of the gym.

There’s a good chance that you’ll forget about all the bad scenarios you were just coming up with. In the beginning, this may not work right away or often, but over time it can be the difference-maker. I know this may be a little too chakra-ey, but… just try it.

Now that’s a start. Those are two simple ways to help you stay in the gym. I suggest trying out both. Let me know how it goes in the comment section, and good luck.



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