Quick Tips: Losing Weight Before The Holidays

As the snow falls, so will your weight!

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So, it’s the beginning of September, and our days of warm weather and hard seltzers are numbered. Soon we’ll be scraping ice off our windshields and staring at Captain Kirk while we book our flights for the upcoming holidays.

And it doesn’t matter if we are going home, to a friend’s place, or our in-laws. If we’re overweight, the topic of weight and losing weight will somehow find its way into at least one conversation over the course of the holidays.

Oh, the joys of being around people who love you.

But instead of listening to the usual high pitched,

“So. There’s this diet I was reading about, and I thought you might be interested in it. What do you think.”

Instead of that, you’re going to show those fuxx what’s up.

You’re going to lose weight before you fly in. And when the topic of weight comes up, it’s going to be because you wanted to give your mother-in-law tips on how she can lose weight too. Ahhhhhhh. How satisfying would that be?


Before I get into how to accomplish this, everyone must know that these tips are only for people who are serious about losing weight. If you don’t know if you are or not, just read these tips, and afterwards, if you think they’re too much work, don’t expect the holidays to be any different this year.

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Tip #1: Military Zone

There’s many criticisms that we can draw from the military. But on a local level, one thing they do well is getting shit done. Marines can drink till 3 in the morning, wake up at 4, run 6 miles, and work 10 hours that day without skipping out on one thing along the way ( I can attest to this). Why?

Well, partly its because they’re crazy, but also its because they have an ironclad schedule, they pay immense attention to what they are doing and they hold each task with the utmost importance. Whether they are tired, hurt, or still drunk, whatever the task is, it will get done.

And adopting this framework for your own life will help you lose weight before the holidays. Maybe without the booze, though.

But how does it get done?

The Skedge & Working Out

We should all begin our weeks sitting down and finding the precise times that we can make it to the gym each day. And until the holidays, we should be tacking on a 6-month “no skipping” rule as well. The maybe we’ll work out this day, or that day is not going to cut it. We must go, and we must go six days a week.

Working out will provide us with additional burned calories, stronger bodies, and a tangible tool of progression that we can tap into each day along the way.

So, we must make the workouts frequent, intense, and non-negotiable.

As a general rule, implement about 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of weightlifting, some core exercises, stretches, and you should be good — more info on this at the end.

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Tip #2: Picky Eater

Next, we must pay close attention to the food we decide to eat each day. Just as if we were a boot camp dropout, and we just got a job checking ID’s on Bourbon St.

Don’t be afraid to take all your failures, insecurities, and frustration out on each piece of unhealthy food that passes your gaze.

KO them out of existence.

We should only allow a well-balanced amount of unprocessed meat, chicken, grains, and vegetables into our diet. Because the opposite types of foods will quickly fill our calories needed each day, spike our blood sugar levels, and disrupt any progress that we may be making.

You’ll soon find that making the switch will drastically change the dynamics of your diet, making it easier to tamper down your calories and have the energy to power thru all of these changes.

So, draw a line in the sand and go to war against any unhealthy food.

Count Dracula

Additionally, we need to add, subtract, track, and estimate our calories consumed and burned each day.

Going along with a vague idea of any of this just won’t work. Because we must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight.

And there’s two things we need to know in order to determine if we are or not, and that’s calories consumed and calories burned. Otherwise, we don’t actually know if we are putting ourselves in a position to lose weight.

Therefore, we ought to scrutinize and count the contents of all the food we decide to eat. And thru precise estimates or wearable technology, track the both the calories we burn in the gym and burn naturally.

Now the depth of the calorie deficit will vary for everyone, but it should begin at about 300 calories and only increase from there. Keeping aware of the nutrients, vitamins, and calories our bodies need to survive, so we can actually make it to the Holidays — nothing like a funeral to bum everyone out before drinking five rounds of Egg Nogg.

So, be careful. But, calorie counting is essential and should be treated as such.

In Closing

Lastly, if needed, the internet is filled with workout and diet programs for anyone to find and tap into. I have one on my website if you want to check it out.

So, what’s it going to be? Shopping for new clothes before you travel or sitting around the kitchen table listening to your step-sister tell you about how it’d be better if you lost a few pounds? The choice is yours.

Follow these steps, inquire deeper where needed, and you will lose weight before the holidays.

Good Luck



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