Three Great Foods For Weight Loss

Healthy Foods Our Bodies Crave

Our atmosphere is perfectly organized to suit us. From the amount of nitrogen and oxygen we have in the air to the amount of pull, gravity has on us. But, try venturing outside of our atmosphere, and immediately, you’ll find yourself in quite the predicament.

Now, when it comes to dieting and trying to lose weight. Instead of scrutinizing the cellular differences between broccoli and kale. Just place them into one of two categories. Similar to thinking of things like inside our atmosphere and outside our atmosphere. Categorize food as healthy or unhealthy.

The list I’m going to give you provides three healthy foods, which coincidentally also have a knack for helping us lose weight. Think of them as the trees on our planet. Having these foods and others like them in your diet will provide you a favorable formula for weight loss. So, let’s get into it.


First up is avocados. Avocados have a growing list of benefits that originates from their make-up of over 20 vitamins and minerals. It is also one of the fattiest fruits you can eat. And for forever, many of us thought all fats cause high cholesterol. But, not all fats are bad. And Avocados have been scientifically proven to reduce LDL, HDL, and triglyceride levels.

Now, people who are looking to lose weight tend to have a consistent abnormal level of inflammation, which avocados can help lower. All while also providing you a good amount of fiber and more potassium than a banana. Pair this with something else for lunch or add it to your dinner menu, and you’ll be eating healthy food for weight loss.

Grass-Fed Meat

Number two is grass-fed meat. Sorry plant-based people, but this list is not entirely for you. Grass-fed beef provides both the consumed and consumer with a more natural way of eating. Something that has been hijacked by grains.

Now, grass-fed beef is going to give you a comparatively lower amount of calories for an abundance of omega — 3 fatty acids, which omega-3’s have been linked to reducing metabolic syndrome. Something many weight-loss participants know all too much about. And among many of the other benefits not mentioned, grass-fed beef will provide you with an intrinsically high-quality of protein. Protein provides you with muscle growth, a heightened thermal effect when digesting, and the feeling of satiety that can help curb your unhealthy impulses — another great choice for weight loss.


Lastly, there’s broccoli. Yes, our parents have been right all along. But, we don’t have to tell them that.

Broccoli contains a high level of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive compounds. Some of the bioactive compounds found in broccoli have been provisionally shown to help reduce inflammation.

Additionally, a common hurdle many weight-loss journey people come across is their blood sugar levels. And broccoli has shown a bit of evidence that points to lower blood sugar levels and significant resistance to insulin after incorporating it into one’s diet. Yet, another healthy food that yields more time to go over all the benefits. But that’s it for this list.

All three of these foods seem to be great for any one person out there. But, for the ones looking to shed a few pounds, these foods are going to be something that must be a part of your balanced diet going forward.

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