Why Getting Caught Up In Your Reflection Can Derail Any Chance At Losing Weight

Focus On Performance Instead

A common sub-goal of losing weight or getting in shape is the goal of looking a certain way. Whether this vanity pursuit is a primary factor or in someone’s top three reasons. Appearance seems to be an all too common driving factor.

Now, on the surface, this isn’t necessarily a pernicious goal.

Indeed, if you’re 150 pounds overweight, the imagination of who you might become would reasonably include a slimmer you. And having this idea of what you may or may not look like in the end isn’t bad.

Unless you constantly focus on it throughout your entire journey of trying to lose weight.

If you wake up and glare into the mirror and begin poking and prodding yourself every morning, wondering why you look the way you do, then you can bet some negative consequences are coming your way.

Nonetheless, many people can’t resist this temptation to constantly check up on themselves. Imagine planting a sequoia tree out in your backyard and coming back every morning to measure its growth?! That’d be crazy. Well, stepping on the scale each day or grasping your love handles in distress is the exact same thing.

Break The Mirror

If you are eating healthy, in a caloric deficit, and working out, then you will lose weight, you will become healthier, and your body will change. You can not show me one person who has done all those mentioned above and still looks the same five years down the road. So, what’s the point of always checking?

Think about this, our bodies fluctuate. Somedays, despite our efforts, we may be a bit heavier than the day prior or maybe we’re a little flushed and bloated.

It is what is.

This constant fluctuation is what makes it unreasonable to depend on looks as a motivating factor.

Sure, sometimes when you look in the mirror, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, but when you’re not, what does that do to your diet and exercise program? Right? Because…

If your visual assessment of yourself concluded that nothing has been working because you stepped on the scale and saw that you gained 1/2 a pound from the day before, how likely is it that you will have a good workout or even care about your diet for the rest of the day?

Not likely, Ben and Jerry’s has an entire business based on this process which is why the vanity pursuit must end.


Instead, focus your attention on your progress in the gym and the ratio of times that you choose the healthier food over the not-so-healthy food.

Your attention is vastly better spent focusing on the actual mechanisms to your weight loss.

Stare in the mirror all you want, it won’t help you lose weight.

But walking into the gym thinking about how much work you need to do to surpass what you’ve done the week prior is drastically more beneficial than worrying about what you look like in gym clothes.

Performance thinking over vanity thinking will provide you the tangible progress we all need and like, helping us actually get closer to our goals. not farther away.

And don’t get me started on all the negative aspects of being caught up in your appearance in correlation to the gym. Which, is a very large, but different problem that is plaguing us. In fact, if anything, don’t focus on vanity because you might become like these people.

So, pick performance over vanity and have a good day.



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